Motorway Madness? - ShineOnYouCrazyDiamond
This is on sky news website this morning...

A trial to ease motorway congestion by allowing drivers to use the hard shoulder is to begin next month near Birmingham.

The Highways Agency says it's a cheaper alternative to road widening.

But is it safe? And, anyway, should we be trying to cope with the number of cars on our roads or trying to reduce the figure instead? Would toll roads and higher fuel costs be a better alternative?

Let's hear what you think.

Motorway Madness? - cheddar
There is already a thread on this:

Seems to have safety implications to me, that being said I thought they were already doing it on the M42, perhaps the signs have been up for a while.
Motorway Madness? - smokie
Thanks for putting the link Cheddar...locked this one.

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