The lamented LJK's last book.... - stevied
... or tome, as he would probably call it. It got delivered today (good work Amazon) and is an intriguing insight into a very interesting man, whose interests were eclectic to put it mildly and who, even if you disagreed with him, always gave a good argument.

It's called "Long Lane with turnings" and even although I'm only on page 40, I would recommend it!

Foreword by Michael Bywater, another good writer.

Anyone else got it?
The lamented LJK's last book.... - stevied
I meant to write "late lamented". My room is very dark, O an tring not to wake un the ohtrher galf.

Or, am tring not to wake up the other half!
The lamented LJK's last book.... - bell boy
mmmmmmmmmmm telegraph wanted 13 quid delivered on sat i see its a lot cheper on the river route
never thought much of the guy to be honest but reading about his 3 wheeler exploits and the way it was written think i may well read his book?
£5 when youve read it? + p@p?
The lamented LJK's last book.... - Lud
He overwrote a little bit sometimes om and had a fine opinion of himself but of course sometimes that is at least in part justified.

Had strong prejudices just like you and really loved his motoring. Fancied himself as a driver too not without justification some say...

He turned me down for a job once on some technical, non-motoring, magazine or tract. Said I'd be bored by it. No doubt he had a point, although I wasn't best pleased at the time, and I bore no grudge.

He didn't have that godawful prophet's beard when I met him though. He dressed well otherwise, and I sympathise with a smoker, but that beard was definitely a step too far.

IMHO of course, as they say.
The lamented LJK's last book.... - bell boy
Lud you are a mind reader.............
that zz top beard would put me off god............
The lamented LJK's last book.... - Lud
Probably did om. Otherwise you wouldn't have survived in the retail jalopy business...
The lamented LJK's last book.... - stevied
Lud, did you mean me or oldman had strong prejudices?

I don't mind either way, just was unsure if you were addressing him or me! Is that grammatically correct? I am sure LJKS would comment on it, were he here...

What was he like in person?

The lamented LJK's last book.... - Lud
I was replying to om who has a slightly sour attitude to LJKS, and who seems to have some strong prejudices (so do I stevied, and you too no doubt!). As for what he was actually like... it was a job interview over 30 years ago, so I can hardly claim intimate or prolonged relationship with him. Perfectly nice I thought, and much as one would expect. No beard though as I remember, certainly not the Sigurd Forkbeard thing he had in later life...

I hope om hasn't taken offence at my teasing suggestion that only a Godless person could succeed as a car dealer though.
The lamented LJK's last book.... - stevied
Sounds fair comment to me! I know many traders, heathenism nay satanism is a necessity! : )

OM, "fiver plus P & P"? Throw in a service and we'll talk...
The lamented LJK's last book.... - bell boy
the only cloth i see since leaving school are the polishing ones......
might go the river route for the book myself then thanks for the extremely good offer ;-o stevied

you are fine by me lud
strong opinions that really me?
The lamented LJK's last book.... - mss1tw
Good morning begins with Gillete.


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