'98 Fiat Ducato - no indicators/ hazards - matstro
Indicators and hazards packed up tonight. They are run off seperate fuses so I'm doubting its a fuse problem
Does everything point to a flasher unit? Do the hazards and flashers typically run off one flasher unit? I'm trying to get some clues before having a look in the morning. Many thanks
'98 Fiat Ducato - no indicators/ hazards - mfarrow
Yes they will run off the same unit. If you're lucky it may just have been dislodged. My car is wired up similarly, with all Hazard Warning devices (horn and hazard lights) on the same, separate fuse. As both are meant to be key ways of keeping you out of danger the words "eggs" and "basket" spring to mind.

Mike Farrow
'98 Fiat Ducato - no indicators/ hazards - matstro
thanks Mike.


I've just had the dash off and theres a row of what I would call relays. I made sure they were all in tight, tried the indicators and flashers and they worked. When the flashers etc are working, the blue relay is clicking in sync so I'm assuming thats the flasher unit???. Even if I now pull that blue relay/ unit out a bit the flashers etc still work so the problem wasn't being caused by a loose connection as when I pressed them all in they were all in tight anyway.

In the light of this - whats making my flashers etc fail? does the relay heat up and fail when hot only or something like that? Vehicles done 97K btw.

Can anyone give me some pointers on this a bit quick??!! Many thanks

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