Accord oil consumption - apm
Dear all,

Fiance's mother has X plate Accord 2.0i VTEC. It's a great car, but does seem to use a bit of oil. On a 250 mile journey to Cornwall, used nigh on a litre. Is this normal? What's the best oil to use for these engines?


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Accord oil consumption - Falkirk Bairn
Something is amiss - in my Honda experiences over 10 years none has used more than 0.5 litre in 9,000 mile service intervals.
Accord oil consumption - P 2501
That seems alot. I have an X reg 2.0 vtec accord and mine uses very little between services.

It does use more if i use all the revs frequently though.
Accord oil consumption - Collos25
Its either leaking it or burning it ,if its a leak you can see it if its burning you should smell it at the exhaust.
Accord oil consumption - mike hannon
My 2.2 VTEC uses a very small amount between 6k services. 250m per litre seems enough to be worth investigating...

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