Mondeo "just married" rattle - Demon
Hi all. My 2000 X 1.8 petrol Mondeo has started to give out this rattling noise from the front of the car, which I can best describe as sounding similar to what you'd hear if you had a coke can or two dragging under the car (hence the title of the post!). This only happens when accelerating from really low revs (eg putting your foot down at 18mph in third) and only lasts a couple of seconds, but is obviously slightly worrying! Not much more I can say, the only symptom is the noise, if you had ear plugs in you wouldn't notice as there's no loss of power or strange feelings thru the pedals etc. Any ideas appreciated!
Mondeo "just married" rattle - mss1tw
Exhaust head shield rattling?

I can hear the noise in my head as I've heard it on cars before, I just can't think what it might be. Never found out what caused it...
Mondeo "just married" rattle - henry k
Maybe the inside of the CAT has come loose.
I had to change mine, due to a similar rattle, on a 98 Mondeo.
The noise was not acceptable to SWMBO.
I was pleasantly surprised at the cost of replacementthat was done at a Ford main dealer.
Mondeo "just married" rattle - Altea Ego
Its not pinking (pinging) is it? a very feint kind of tinkling sound.
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Mondeo "just married" rattle - Keith S

My Mondeo 1.8 used to do this.

I never found the fault but it didnt seem to do any harm.

I did have the cat replaced after it failed and it made no difference to the noises.

I think i tried optimax as the noise sounded like pinking, but to be honest I cant remember if it made any difference!

I had Ford plug their computer into it and no problems were found and the dealer wasnt aware of any common fault.

Maybe its just a characteristic?
Mondeo "just married" rattle - Mookfish
Strangley enough my escort has just started making this noise, happens if I rev a little in neutral though. Think its the heatsheild myself, just going to have a look shortly.
Mondeo "just married" rattle - BB
Mondeo "just married" rattle - Falkirk Bairn
My Honda Civic has developed the same problem over the last week - initially only at 60 mph+/-.

BY Saturday it was really any speed, Sunday the same - took it to the gargae today and of course it fails to make the tinkling sound - the exhaust was checked and none of the heat-shields are rattling.
Mondeo "just married" rattle - Mookfish
Well I checked last night and its just a rattling heatsheild on the escort. Not too bad when its cold, but once it heats up the noise is very irritating, and I keep finding myself looking behind to see if its fallen off.
Mondeo "just married" rattle - ScottieDog

My 1.8Lx had a fairly loud rattle which was a collapsed Cat (I lost my heatshield years before). I checked it by tapping the Cat with a large mallet to see if anything was loose (and whatever was loose inside the Cat rattled back at me).

Didn't cause problems for a few weeks but on the day I took it in for the new CAT the car would hardly perform (garage said it had started to break up and block the exhaust).

Only other rattling I got was creaky rattles from the front wishbones on uneven road surfaces.

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