New car choice (including Mondeo!!) - Walton2
I'm going to be getting a new (well, 6-18months old) car soon and the choice has come down to Skoda Octavia, Mazda 6 or Mondeo. Will probably be a diesel (for the first time) as they're by far the most common, at least in the better specs/trim, and the price difference isn't actually that huge. Got a drive in the Mazda6 2.0 TS2 in 2 days and drove a Mondeo 2.0 (130PS - would probably get Titanium X) and ST TDCi today. Very impresssed by both, mid-gear acceleration "wow" and "Yahoo" respectively! RAC giving insurance quote not much more for the ST though tyres would be pricier.
OK - here goes.... any opinions?
New car choice (including Mondeo!!) - Avant
I'd say you've picked the best three cars in this class - all are good, so the best thing is to try each and see which you like best. A few points might help -

- make sure you can live with the diesel noise of your preferred choice

- there are more Mondeos around so they don't hold their value as well as the other two. If you intend keeping your car for a long time this is less important

- the 2.0 TDI Octavia is more expensive than the 1.9 but much faster and well worth it

- make sure it hasn't been used as a taxi.

I hope you'll let us know how you get on.
New car choice (including Mondeo!!) - rtj70
I would have thought more room in the Mazda 6 and Ford Mondeo. Octavia based on the Golf/Audi A3 platform.

Not that you mentioned a Vectra, but a lot less room in the rear seats of a Vectra C than current Mondeo for example. So not sure about an Octavia. Good cars though.

Had a Mazda 2.0 Petrol Estate as a hire/courtesy car. Preferred by 2,0 TDCi Mondeo to be honest. It felt bigger but not sure if it was*


* Got an estate to take an old washing machine to the tip whilst my hatchback Mondeo was serviced ;-) Happened it was the Mazda.
New car choice (including Mondeo!!) - MichaelR
The Mondeo ST TDCi bucks the trend for the Mondeo residuals and is holding its value very well.

It also looks pretty special, rather than simply just like another diesel rep-mobile.
New car choice (including Mondeo!!) - y2k+4
The difference in rear of all 3 is negligable. They're pretty similar, and the same goes for the boots, though the Mondeo will pip the other two slightly. Equipment is probably better on the top-of-range Mondeo - but make sure you can live with the heated screen (though I think they're fantastic, many disagree). Personally, I think I'd be tempted away from the Mondeo, by the fact it's replacement is imminent whose effect on residuals will make buying after release a much better proposition, which leaves the 6 and the Octavia.

I believe the 6 possesses the least diesel-like engine, with some critics calling the 2.0 TDI in the Octavia "gruff", and as you're new to it, that's what I'd say is probably the best proposition.
New car choice (including Mondeo!!) - mr.freezer
3200 miles in 3 weeks since I got my new Octavia estate and its feels more robust than a Mondeo, including "off roading" on building sites. Size wise the Mondeo and Mazda feel a bit wider inside but rear leg room is similar

Mondeo is due to be replaced as mentioned
Mazda is pretty in some colours but looks a bit "Nissany" in others
Skoda is the choice of a true renaissance man

New car choice (including Mondeo!!) - Walton2
As stated elsewhere, just catching up after computer problems. The heart finally won and signed for a 13month old Mondeo ST TDCi today. £1,000 less than we'd seen for one that was 10 months (though 55 rather than 05) and has upgraded drivers seat electrics and DVD player and headrest screens for the offspring so am ignoring what it'll be worth in 3 years - sob! But it does drive wonderfully. I'll maybe report again in 6 months. It's going to be a long weeks wait.

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