Donner und blitzen! - cheddar
Anyone else live in the west country?, amazing storm last night, fork lightening all around, very little sleep had here, could be flooded roads this AM (that's the motoring link!), an incredible visual and aural spectacle.
Donner und blitzen! - PW
Yep- only about 9 miles from you- was pretty stunning. Both daughters slept through it I think lucky them. Absolutely shattered today.

Colleagues from Exeter missed it, but roads were pretty bad this morning. Normal idiots with fog lights blazing- particularly liked the van absolutely flying down the outside lane who felt conditions were so bad had to have his front and rear foglights on.......
Donner und blitzen! - Stuartli
Apparently Yorkshire's the same at the moment and we're also enjoying a thunderstorm at present here on the NW coast.

But we don't have a hosepipe ban, so we can wash our cars whenever we feel like it...:-)
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Donner und blitzen! - local yokel tells you if it's raining where you are!

Looks like the Pennines and S Wales are getting a good wetting at the time of posting.
Donner und blitzen! - PW
Rain in Weston was heavy enough to wash the car for you last night. Was absolutely torrential. Just glad got a water meadow in front of the house.
Donner und blitzen! - Stuartli
>>wash the car for you last night>>

I washed my Bora yesterday afternoon just before it rained - does the rinsing for you and dries streak free.
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Donner und blitzen! - Stuartli
If you need to keep a check on thunderstorm activity, before a long trip for example:
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Donner und blitzen! - Roger Jones
And the idiots are at it again: trucks crashing through roads flooded from side to side, regardless of blinding oncoming traffic with curtains of water; cars ploughing through deep puddles with a bow wave topping their bumpers. When will they ever learn , , , no, they will never learn.
Donner und blitzen! - local yokel
Probably best to avoid York (timed Friday, 18 August 2006, 08:46 UK)

"Extensive delays are expected to all train services through York after a lightning strike took out the entire train signalling system."
Donner und blitzen! - Armitage Shanks {p}
All this thunder and lightning can be a timely warning or reminder to switch off and unplug your computer and TV stuff. I was in Currys the other day and got talking to a chap who was trying to replace a 42in plasma TV that had been wrecked by a power surge and was not covered by his insurance - OOUCHH!
Donner und blitzen! - mss1tw
Good point the thought never even crossed my mind...
Donner und blitzen! - cheddar
Rain in Weston was heavy enough to wash the car for
you last night. Was absolutely torrential. Just glad got
a water meadow in front of the house.

You are not Bleadon way are you?
Donner und blitzen! - PW
Would like to be- but can't afford it! Actually on Weston Village estate, about 5 minutes from Morrisons. But lucky in that our house isn't too badly overlooked and right on top of Plumley Park (I think its called) so look out onto greenery.

Getting it motoring related, there are a couple of ponds / lakes nearby and have ended up following one of the local family of swans as they cross over the railway bridge!
Donner und blitzen! - artful dodger {P}
Over in Kent we had a spetacular thunder storm about 1am. Surprising overnight there was only 7mm of rain in the rain gauge in the garden. Feel absolutely shattered this morning, not because of the storm, but my 9 year old daughter had her first sleepover. I had just dropped off to sleep just before the storm, but the girls were still chattering. Fell off to sleep again at about 2.30, but my wife read the riot act to them at 3.30. Most suprisingly they were up and dressed by 10.00. I must admit driving to work this morning (motoring link) I was extra careful as I know my reaction time was slower then normal.

I read frequently, but only post when I have something useful to say.
Donner und blitzen! - Xileno {P}
Hardly anything this way (Bath). A few claps of thunder during 'Open all Hours' and I hoped the power wouldn't go off. The cats were straight off to the bedroom to hide under the bed.
Motoring link: centre of Bath was completely empty this morning, hardly any cars at all. Never seen it so quiet since the fuel protests 6 years ago.
Donner und blitzen! - mare
Massive six inch deep puddles all across the A4 in Brislington and Totterdown, Clifton on the other side of the river was fine. Strange thing weather.
Donner und blitzen! - Stuartli
Strange thing weather.>>

I once drove to my father-in-law's home whilst it was raining.

When I got there it was still drizzling rain on his side of the road whilst the other pavement was dry....
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