M4 J8/9 Jam Last Night - Roly93
Was anyone caught in the horrible traffic jam yesterday evening between 4pm and 6:30PM+ ?
This nightmare seemed to be caused by some Highways Agency contractors simply doing a bit of survey work. Why do they have to do this nonsense during rush hour on a known traffic hot-spot ? It took me 3/4 hour to do about a mile, and those who joined the queue 20 mins after me must have been in even worse shape.
M4 J8/9 Jam Last Night - Lud
Never used to happen, happens all the time now. Not just for police investigations into accidents, which as HJ pointed out the other day take a ridiculous length of time and close down far too large an area, but for almost any local or national agency to do anything they like at any time.

There is some leeway here for politicians to get their teeth into. I don't like to seem to be advising parties I don't vote for, but I would recommend the opposition to look into this sort of thing, as the government agenda seems to be to sabotage all except air transport. A difference could easily be made. Mayoral candidates in London should also give some hard thought to roads.
M4 J8/9 Jam Last Night - DP
Why do they have
to do this nonsense during rush hour on a known traffic
hot-spot ?

Especially yesterday of all days with the Southbound M3 shut for several hours due to a particularly nasty accident.

I use the M4 as a backup route, and so would a lot of other people on the anti-clockwise M3 wanting to go towards the Camberley / Farnborough / Basingstoke areas.

Sounds about typical.
M4 J8/9 Jam Last Night - DP
Sorry, anti-clockwise M25, not M3!! d'Oh!
M4 J8/9 Jam Last Night - Robbie
The French take a totally different view and try at all costs to keep traffic flowing.

There was a particularly nast accident ,in May, on the south bound carriageway of the A20 near Limoges. Instead of closing the autoroute the Gendarmes waved traffic through on the hard shoulder whilst the emergency services tended to the victims.

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