CCTV helps spot illegal parking - henry k
London now. In your town soon?

21 cameras now in use but 150 planned
CCTV helps spot illegal parking - Mazda-Man
Sad, but if so many people didn't deliberately break the rules (speeding, parking, etc) there'd be no need for cameras and they'd generate no revenue. As always though, the committed lawbreaker may well still get away with it by using cloned plates or whatever although by the sound of it there may also be the possibility of ID'ing the driver.
CCTV helps spot illegal parking - robcars
personally i am all for proper control of parking and using cctv to send penalties to those who cause big problems by parking illegaly, will only financially affect those who do it. To the rest of us who travel further to park correctly it will not affect us.

However, if they turn out to be just a revenue collection system like the speeding (sorry i mean safety) cameras are; then it won't be long before the known areas are highlighted and the parking problem just moves to another (possibly worse) area!
CCTV helps spot illegal parking - daveyjp
Problem is one photo does not show a sequence of events.

I have already seen disputes about this system.

A taxi being fined for stopping to drop someone off a 2am on a residential street.
A social services bus picking up someone who used a motorised wheelchair.
A driver who stopped to ask for directions.
A driver who stopped to assist following an accident

OK some of these would probably win an appeal, but once again it's the hassle in doing so. Most people won't bother so the coffers grow.
CCTV helps spot illegal parking - Hamsafar
Laws exist for the guidance of wise men and the obeyance of fools.
CCTV helps spot illegal parking - Westpig
Where will this all end.... will we need to have ID pinned on our clothing in case we drop litter or jaywalk... don't laugh... would anyone 10-20 years ago have thought you'd get a parking ticket via CCTV?

I think it is a damned cheek, as there is no discretion. The blatant offender, then no real problem... the pull over quickly and keep a close check, still gets a ticket.... the completely illegal unregistered oik, gets nothing because there is no way of tracing him.

When you consider the lack of parking available in a lot of places...then as far as i'm concerned this is purely taxation.
CCTV helps spot illegal parking - Westpig

Sorry to be pedantic, but you've got it slightly wrong.

"Laws are for the guidance of wise men and the blind obedience of fools"..... Sir Douglas Bader

but i get your point
CCTV helps spot illegal parking - Mazda-Man
Agree with your point about the unregistered but that's no different in many aspects of life is it? I mean there are plenty of people in the UK who don't pay income tax and get away with it for example but that doesn't give the rest of us the right or even the excuse to do likewise.
CCTV helps spot illegal parking - Mazda-Man
Surely CCTV will not just show a single photo though. I'd have thought a series of photos over an interval would be the minimum or even video footage would be available.
CCTV helps spot illegal parking - Westpig
true Mazda Man........

But........ it's degrees isn't it..... If you are fiddling your taxes big time that's one side of the coin, but paying your cleaner in cash is still fiddling the tax man, but to what extent.

I would imagine the Tax Office would use their discretion on the latter........ that's all i'm after
CCTV helps spot illegal parking - Hamsafar
The Israeli software which will rule our lives is called the Nice Suite.
This is in use everywhere from company call centres to London CCTV (Nice Photo & Nice Video), to the 999 callcentres
CCTV helps spot illegal parking - Honestjohn
These cameras were put into town centres to cut crime. Now some bright spark has worked out they can be used as nice little earners for doing people for parking. No need for wardens on the streets. And the guys who man them will be so busy focusing on reg plates of temporarily parked cars they won't even see the crimes taking place that the cameras were originally installed to spot.

CCTV helps spot illegal parking - Mazda-Man
Well I can see that point and would agree to a large extent but although I haven't read the whole thing, the article implies they're new, dedicated cameras as opposed to existing CCTV being modified/used for a different purpose doesn't it?
CCTV helps spot illegal parking - boxsterboy
I have successfully argued against Camden in the past that a ticket they say was issued was invalid under the 1991 RTA as it was neither placed on the vehicle nor given to the driver.

How does a CCTV camera on the top of a pole put a ticket on a car? This must surely mean ammendments to the RTA are required?
CCTV helps spot illegal parking - Westpig
i like the thinking Boxster Boy and when i get home i'm going to ring Enfield Council for mine from 2 weeks ago on that basis, so will re-post if anything succesful should come to light.
CCTV helps spot illegal parking - Frogeye
Enfield Council tried to fine me in May for parking in a loading bay in Palmers Green, without loadingI was photographed by some jobsworth sitting watching his TV screen. I argued that I would have been loading if the shop that I was parked outside has what I wanted.
I parked for no more than 2 mins. They finally dropped it.
CCTV helps spot illegal parking - boxsterboy
In my case I got back to the car as the 'jobsworth' was still writing the ticket but drove off before he could finish. I somehow just knew that I would get the Notice to Owner when I failed to pay the (non-existent) ticket. So much for honest wardens!

Camden mysteriously lost everything I sent them, but the national parking assistance set-up in Northampton was very helpful and, as I say, I was successful in my appeal at Northampton County Court against the ticket.

I know some people say they 'can't be bothered' and just pay up, but in this case the Council were trying to scam me, and I am not the type of person to go down without a fight.
CCTV helps spot illegal parking - Hamsafar
boxterboy, most areas are covered by decriminalised parking, so the RTA isn't what they use.
However this raises the question of whether the penalty can be enforced by a court, after the courts decided in a judicial review last month that such penalties are not fines. Councils and other public bodies are a law unto themselves these days, as they have so much of our money to spend on fighting us.

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