Selenia/Tutela oils? - Petel
Can anyone out there please advise of a supplier/stockist for these oils in the SW of England?
Thank you.
Selenia/Tutela oils? - Screwloose

Tried your local Fiat dealer?
Selenia/Tutela oils? - Petel
Yes, Thanks for the reply
Selenia/Tutela oils? - Victorbox
After a quick Google the first entry sells these oils mail order Not sure which grade you are after of course.
Selenia/Tutela oils? - Petel
Thanks for the reply, unfortunately they are not in the SW of UK and theydo not stock the oil that I seek.
Thanks again.
Selenia/Tutela oils? - Victorbox
Out of curiosity why must they be in South West England? Must you pick it up in person? Won't mail order do?
I'm sure if you spend 20 minutes using Google (for UK sites) you will find somebody stocking the type / grade you need.
Selenia/Tutela oils? - Victorbox
Here are some more pages to work through.
Nothamptonshire - only a couple of hours drive, depending where in the South West you are.
Selenia/Tutela oils? - Petel
Thanks to all for your replies.
Selenia/Tutela oils? - Red Baron has the oils and many other parts for fiat/alfa cars. Oil is cheaper here than at poweralfa.

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