Stupid People - Robbie
Just don't try these at home.

{As per all vid clips, link made non clickable to prevent HJ's bandwidth charges going through the roof. Add http:// to the front of the link and copy/paste into your usual browser url bar - DD}
Stupid People - George Porge
Saw the title and thought it was about me ;-)
Stupid People - blue_haddock
i've got a feeling this thread won't be here for much longer so enjoy it whilst you can.

{It has some motoring connections, so I've just made the link non clickable, but not deleted it (obviously) - DD}
Stupid People - caesar
Thats a cracker that.
God i can feel the pain sat here!!
Stupid People - RichProc
WOW :o All I can say is OUCH!

Nice link!

Stupid People - Robbie
Saw the title and thought it was about me ;-)

Well, if the cap fits wear it ;-)
Stupid People - bell boy
what not to do on a sunday afternoon springs to mind,very funny though,seing as the pain isnt mine
Stupid People - Peter D
Made I Laugh. Regards Peter

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