Citroen C5 Front brake pads - deep diver
I need to change the front brake pads on 2003 C5 estate. The pads look different to the pads in my old zantia.
Has anybody got any tips or pitfalls to avoid? Do I have to adjust the hand brake when i've finished

Thanks in Advance
Citroen C5 Front brake pads - xantia man
they are straight forward on the c5 the piston screws back the same as the xantia. the hand break shouldnt need to be adjusted just let the self adjuster do its job .you can then look at the hand break if it does want adjusting .its a good idea to disconnect the hand break at the wheel end whilst you put the new pads in. dave
Citroen C5 Front brake pads - Mike-H
If the car has ABS, undo the bleed nipple as you push or wind the pistons back, so as not to force brake fluid back through the ABS pump into the master cylinder reservoir. A fair amount of crud accumulates at the lowest point in the system, just behind the caliper, and it's better not to subject the delicate pump and valves to this. They are expensive to replace! Mike

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