c5 front o/s leg - xantia man
hi i have been getting a knocking from o/s i think its coming from the leg its very much like when the antiroll bar bushes go but they are fine. has anyone had anything like this ,engine and gearbox mounts ect are all ok .cant see anything under car . please help. dave.
c5 front o/s leg - Mondaywoe
Not sure what you mean by the 'leg', but this sounds like a drop link - common wear point. Cheap and easy to replace.You could probably do it yourself. Basically a vertical bar about 10 inches long with bushes at the ends - couple of nuts to take off and assembly is reverse as they say. If nuts are seized attack with an angle grinder!

My C5 hasn't gone yet (62,000 miles) but my old Xantia did - it's a sort of 'rattling clonk' as you go over ridges on poor surfaces.

Hope it's as simple as that.

c5 front o/s leg - LeePower
If it is the drop link get a Citroen one, Seen lots of Xantia owners moaning how aftermarket drop links dont even last half as long as a genuine Citroen one.
c5 front o/s leg - xantia man
thanks graeme citreon just replaced that but has not don anything,they say next step is to look at the leg or should i say the bit that the drop link comes from to the antiroll bar. its doing the same as you say .also vibrates if you are going to slow in the wrong gear.

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