new pink micra - bell boy
saw these coming out of the factory heading south this week didnt realise they were going to be so rare......
Also didnt realise the one top gear had was the real thing.....

if link not allowed then i agopolise now.......moddy"s
new pink micra - AngryJonny
At the motor show, the poor girl on the Nissan stand looked a little taken aback at my mate's reply when she asked if he'd like to win a Micra CC.

"No. God no."

To be honest he doesn't really look like Barbie.
new pink micra c+c - Honestjohn
See news item by clicking on 'VIEW MORE NEWS' on your right. They've done another 175 Micra C+C Pinks by popular demand, apparently after watched Richard Hammond getting embarrassed in one on Top Gear. Also some Micra offers (up to £1,000 off) in the news item.

new pink micra c c - George Porge
Also some Micra offers (up to £1,000 off) in the news item.

They'd have to pay me £1K to drive a pink micra, vile, absolutely vile
FAO Oldman, Come back to the darkside ;-)
new pink micra c c - Stuartli
My next door neighbour's father-in-law has a pink Honda Jazz or Civic (been too dazzled to work out which one) and even his family are too embarrassed to discuss it...:-)
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new pink micra c c - stunorthants
Its a girls car lets face it. Local to me there is a Smart Fortwo in pink with a white racing stripe down it and pink interior. Its owned by a hairdresser with huge hoop earings and lots of slap.... so there is a market for these pink jobbies, just not many men in that market!
My ex wife wanted me to get her Talbot Avenger resprayed in metallic baby pink, so I think its perhaps a way to stop men driving a girls car? Certainly works eh.

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