'99 Focus Aftermarket Cruise Control - psi
How straightforward would it be to get cruise control on a '99 2.0l Zetec Ghia Focus?
Apart from the obvious steering wheel controls, would there be a lot of engine / gearbox work involved i.e. brake / clutch / accelerator sensors, actuator, computer etc...
or is it likely that, as a factory fit option on this model that the loom is already wired for this, just without the controls?

if this was an aftermarket fit, any ideas on cost for an "average" system? as i do mostly clear motorway driving, this would be a real benefit

Any advice much appreciated
'99 Focus Aftermarket Cruise Control - Adam {P}
Is it a Zetec or a Ghia?

I'm amazed it doesn't already have it to be honest. I'd thought all 2.0 Ghias did. Must have been an option.

I'd be even more surprised if the wiring loom wasn't already there. Do you have the computer?
'99 Focus Aftermarket Cruise Control - psi
It's Ghia trim (Zetec engine), has computer (mpg/temp/avg speed/avg mpg). I have only seen one other Ghia with C/C, it was a factory fit option
'99 Focus Aftermarket Cruise Control - Adam {P}
That must be it then. I assumed all 2.0 Ghias had it.

I don't have the computer but the wiring is all there for it as is the temperature sensor! You might get away with using existing wiring and jsut getting a new steering wheel but I'm just guessing there.

You might be as well asking on the FocusOwners forum or other equivalent ones although be warned - the FFOC has started charging people to read the forums now.

Anyway, someone more knowledgeable will be along soon.
'99 Focus Aftermarket Cruise Control - henry k
The 99 2.0L Ghia in our household has cruise control and grey leather so perhaps it was a factory option.

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