Subura Tribeca - Collos25
Interesting looking new Suburu
Subura Tribeca - s61sw
'Interesting looking' - to say the least! Wasn't this going to be badge engineered as a SAAB?
S6 1SW
Subura Tribeca - s61sw
I meant that to mean '****** ugly'!
S6 1SW
Subura Tribeca - Xileno {P}
Looks like a jacked up 206.
Subura Tribeca - Nsar
Hmmmm - they've been down the scrappy with shopping list haven't they

Nose off a SEAT
Rear off a BMW 1
Dash out of an E-Class

I like my Subarus a bit bonkers, a bit ugly, this is too Euro wannabe.

Subura Tribeca - AR-CoolC
They look quite good in the flesh though. I had a sit in one, playing with all the buttons etc. and the dash is very Saab esq wrappind arounf the driver.

I have to say, I did like it.

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