£3k-3.5k for a diesel - scfc_151
Im thinking of upgrading my 1995 306 td which i love for a newer model. I have around £3-3.5k to play with.

Im tempted to get the HDI model of the same car because i really do like them. Its the obvious niggles (mainly electrics) thats making me think of other cars.

I was wondering whats a good buy these days for a diesel. Is it worth looking at japanese cars for reliablity?
£3k-3.5k for a diesel - Xileno {P}
The Japanese were a bit slow to jump on the diesel bandwagon (at least in UK) so you won't get much in this age range.

I would go for a HDi 306, just make sure you check all the electrical bits thoroughly.
£3k-3.5k for a diesel - Avant
Basically agree with Xileno, but also try and see what age and condition of Skoda Fabia TDI you could get within your budget.

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