Conti Premium Contacts - Roly93
Does anyone have experience of these tyres, do they wear well etc...
Conti Premium Contacts - honeybear
Depends what sort of car and how the suspension is set up. On my Megane Sport Tourer I will be lucky to get 15000 out of fronts and rears, I believe this is due to the suspension. Mine are 205/55/16 H and have performed well in all conditions.
Conti Premium Contacts - Armitage Shanks {p}
Not marvellous on my 307. Fronts lasted 22K and rears may manage 25K. Tyre fitter said I had done well to get those figures and I don't drive hard. I replaced the front ones with Contis to keep the tyres matched. General opinion seems to be that they aren't great. They also seem quite noisy, on some surfaces, but as it is the only car I have driven for 2 years I don't have any basis for comparison.
Conti Premium Contacts - Dulwich Estate
I replaced the front pair with these on my A4 Avant - again just to keep on with the same brand / tread pattern. The originals lasted 27000 and I was on about 4 - 5mm or so.

The new ones do seem noisier than before on some surfaces. Sounds a bit like a drumming sound due to over inflation which they aren't. I will probably get something else next time.
Conti Premium Contacts - machika
I have them on the rear of my C5 and I find them quiet and comfortable. Wear rate will not be as good as Michelin Primacy though.
Conti Premium Contacts - frazerjp
I use Conti's on my Ford Ka as they were original equipment from new, they perform brillianty despite the price tag. The rears are still the originals, with about 4mm of tread left on them after 40k miles
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