IS 500 - type's'
Lexus are currently testing a 5 litre V8 powered IS to compete with the M3 and RS4.
These cars must make sense to someone.
IS 500 - mr.freezer
As a sales rep, the idea that there is a car such as the RS4 out there and it could one day, just one day be my company car is one of the reasons that I trundle along to some grim industrial estate in the middle of nowhere on a wet Friday

Wouldn't fancy the Lexus much though, rather have my Skoda
IS 500 - mike hannon
Why not be really positive and believe that you could buy it for yourself one day?
IS 500 - mr.freezer
I can understand your concern but I find the idea of paying my own money for such a vehicle to be abhorrent.

The new Lexus looks a bit bland to me
IS 500 - cheddar
They have an IS 350 in the US that is over 300bhp, cracking car, also a 4WD IS250, the latter is unlikely to come here though the former could well do.
IS 500 - DP
A work colleague had an IS200 Sport until recently and apart from being underpowered, it was a beautiful car. Smooth, refined, impeccably put together, fantastic handling and utterly faultless in 110,000 miles.

Everything from the instruments that looked like an expensive Swiss watch right through to the millimetre perfect panel gaps smacked of attention to detail and quality.

The idea of this car with 350 bhp+ appeals massively.

I want one already!
IS 500 - peterb
I've had a new IS250 Auto for about 1000 miles now and I love it.

It handles beautifully, has a thoughtful interior, is much faster than the IS200 and is sooooo quiet (especially with 16" wheels). The base model (2.5l V6) costs about the same as a similarly equiped 320i (2.0l 4 cyl).

I'm besotted with it and the chassis could certainly handle more power.

Sadly, the Swiss watch dials have gone (I loved them) but the new dials do a sweep from zero to top when you switch on, which still makes me grin.

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