Double-cab man... new sub species? - Sofa Spud
An update on that new sub-species of White Van Man - Double-Cab man: First there were pick-up trucks, then there were 4x4 pickups, then there were double-cab 4x4 pickups. Now you can buy fancy colour-keyed bootlids to go on the back of your 4x4 double-cab pickup to turn it into a very ugly 4-door saloon car!
Double-cab man... new sub species? - Nsar
You can take the man out of the white van............
Double-cab man... new sub species? - Cliff Pope
I have noticed white van man is tending to be displaced by flat-roof-van man, usually in silvery grey or red.
But watch out for his even more aggressive although smaller relative, "homo erectus", who drives a car-based van loaded with ladders, and does aerials, satelite dishes and burglar alarms.
Double-cab man... new sub species? - Lud
Two farmers of my acquaintance have just sprouted these things. One is fairly well-heeled, but the other said he had to get one on the never never because he didn't have any money at all (agricultural accounting, I don't understand it either).
Double-cab man... new sub species? - Adam {P}
I really like them I have to say! My uncle has a double cab Mitsubishi Warrior in black with all the chrome bits and it looks really nice, is surprisingly comfy and naturally has a shedload of room in the back.

It's no fireball but it'll happily sit at too quick a speed all day long without much fuss. He's put nearly 80k on in about 2 and a half years and the only thing that's gone has been the rear leaf spring - fixed, I think, under warranty. (But can't remember for sure)

Double-cab man... new sub species? - Nsar
Lud, I live in a farming community and I think it's a condition of membership of the NFU that you have to tell everyone how poor you are.
Double-cab man... new sub species? - Lud
I can't help feeling you may have a point there Nsar. Systematic neglect and abuse of motor vehicles, coupled with a touching willingness to dismantle gearboxes in a sea of mud during a blizzard, also seems to be characteristic of many farmers (if not all - I believe we have touched on this subject before :o)).
Double-cab man... new sub species? - Nsar
My neighbour's farm is a complete disgrace and in a motoring note, a prominent feature of the Mad Max compound he calls home is one of those sky-blue invalid carriages under a tarpaulin. I don't believe I've ever seen it move in the 9 years I've lived there.
Double-cab man... new sub species? - mare
They're a clever way to run a company vehicle with four seats as a commerical vehicle and pay very little Bik tax. I'm surprised they took so long to catch on. Popular with builders.

HMG keep threatening to close the loophole, more important things at the moment i guess
Double-cab man... new sub species? - mr.freezer
I was stuck behind someone with a double-cab on the motorway today.

Its like going back to the dark ages. He drove flat out (around 85) on the level but this dropped off significantly on the hills leaving a huge line of traffic behind him as he seemed incapable of using the inside lane.

Buy a Sprinter van and least be able to keep up with everyone else
Double-cab man... new sub species? - Honestjohn
The loophole is closed. Instead of a £500 BIK base it's now £3,000. But BIK on company fuel works out a lot cheaper. And a small VAT reg business gets the VAT back (though ahs to add it when it disposes of the vehicle).

Double-cab man... new sub species? - Martin Devon
As mentioned here before they are like Ronnie Barkers, "Sidney Bottocks." Neither one thing or the other. Tiny pickup. Unsafe for ladders. No room in the back. Nowhere safe to keep/hide tools. Purely an extension of you know what!. And no they don't look great.................everybody's got one.

Ta ta..............................MD.
Double-cab man... new sub species? - bell boy
i liked them when they first appeared in this country but now they are as common as muck plus you have to have your mobile stapled to your ear if you own one (alledgedly)
Double-cab man... new sub species? - Xileno {P}
Too much of a compromise IMO. Not enough 4x4 road image or capability. Not big enough or practical enough for rough building work.
Double-cab man... new sub species? - Lounge Lizard

Here's a link for other thickies like me who didn't know what a double-cab is.

I seem to remember David Beckham driving round in one a few years ago.

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