Accord 2.0 SE Auto - Woody
I have seen a very clean car on an 05 plate.

Can anyone report real world economy for the auto model?

Some reviews suggest a harsh ride. Again, any first hand experience welcome.


Accord 2.0 SE Auto - type's'
The harsh ride is very dependent on the wheel size. I have the 17in Penta Alloys on my Accord and it is firm but I have not found it uncomfortable.
I have been told the smaller wheels are very good when it comes to ride.
Honda engines do not tend to be the least thirsty you can buy although you do not need to rev them as some people think.
Having said that they are very smooth, pull from low down and will last at least 300K miles if looked after.
I have the 2.4 but reports have suggested the 2.0 is more than good enough not to warrant the extra on the 2.4. Having said that I regualrly drive 3 series, A4s and C Classes and when spending my money it will always be Honda in future. The level of detail and engineering is far superior to any of the brands I have mentioned (3 series comes close and probably rides a bit better when on the edge but I tend not to drive to work side ways round a roundabout etc). This is manifested in customer satisfaction surveys - problem is most people will disagree becuase they cannot see past the badge.
Accord 2.0 SE Auto - ablandy
agree, have a type s on 17s and it is a bit harsh, but not too bad. The 17s are well known for this. 15s or 16s (although some feel the 15s look too small........) are supposed to provide a better ride.

Nice cars, good drive and my experience of dealers has been good.

Personal opinion is that it is a better looking car than the ones type s mentions, but i do miss rear wheel drive.


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