New Civic £15,000 - Deal or no Deal! - Eggy

Very quick question, I'm looking to buy a New Honda Civic ES with some bits and bats on that takes the list price to just over £16100.

I wanted to buy at £15,000 but they said they couldn't get down to that price, the nearest they could go was to knock about £600 of the price.

I've since had a phone call where they have now said that they are able to give me one at £15,000 by Pre registering it, however I would be getting it brand new.

I've said I'll get back to them on Thursday - should I Deal or No Deal

any advice would be gratefull.
New Civic £15,000 - Deal or no Deal! - Falkirk Bairn
They might be pre-reg the car as a demo - makes no difference to the car but you could wait 3-6 mths for the V5
On the otherhand they may pre-reg it to a fleet account and then sell it to you

However b4 you commit ask about the V5 and any delay - make an immediate V5 part of your order(if you go down that route of a pre-reg car)
New Civic £15,000 - Deal or no Deal! - Andy P
I'd get a second-hand Accord - it's much nicer to drive, you can see out of it easier and for £15000 you can pick up a '55 2.0 SE or a i-CDTi
New Civic £15,000 - Deal or no Deal! - Eggy
They told me that they reg it to a fleet company and then pass it on that way.
New Civic £15,000 - Deal or no Deal! - pmh
Many insurers will not treat it as a new car if there is a previous owner. If you are unlucky enough to sustain serious damage in the first 12? months they will not replace it with a new vehicle if your cover offers this as a benefit.


pmh (was peter)

New Civic £15,000 - Deal or no Deal! - bell boy
damm god point pmh is that true?......certainly worth taking up with prefered insurance company before purchase....
New Civic £15,000 - Deal or no Deal! - pmh
For NU see page 13 of

if damage repair gets to60% of value .

it made me reread the small print!


pmh (was peter)

New Civic £15,000 - Deal or no Deal! - Eggy
Thanks for the info on insurance. I've just checked my policy which has the "New car for Old" however as has been mentioned the condition is "If your car is less than one year old and you are the first registered owner. " so I suspect I wouldn't be covered.

The cover that i would have is, (taken from the policy document):-

The most We will pay

We will not pay more than the Market Value of the Car at the time of the loss or the amount your Car is insured for (less the Excess), whichever is less

I suppose I'm hoping that the car retains a decent market value. I'll have to make sure I don't have a bump ;-)
New Civic £15,000 - Deal or no Deal! - Altea Ego
Or take out Gap insurance?
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