Is this just common sense? - Dipstick
This article is an American one. It's about analysing virtually every aspect of fuel efficiency in a four by four.

Interesting if you have the time to plough through it. I have no real idea whether the stats hold up - I imagine they do?

Anybody want to comment on the methodology before I go hunting for ports in my car to come to same (pretty obvious) conclusions?
Is this just common sense? - Roger Jones
From the article, conclusions for saving fuel [my comments in brackets]:

* slower acceleration
* reduced top speed
* proper tire inflation
* using cruise control [not in hilly areas]
* proper vehicle lubrication
* correct transmission gears
* using air conditioning only when necessary [not sure I've noticed much difference]
* reducing aerodynamic drag
* removing excess weight

No surprises then.
Is this just common sense? - Altea Ego
* removing excess weight

In this states this means less tripple cheeseburgers with buckets of fries
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Is this just common sense? - Thommo
All just common sense except the air conditioning one. A/C needs to be used regularly to keep the system lubricated.

Many examples of people not using it in winter and then finding it doesn't work in summer.

They regularly write to HJ saying 'should the vehicle manufacturer pay to fix this'. And his relies are usually quite terse...

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