Fiesta 1.8 diesel/injector pumps - timtom06
I have a 1995 ford fiesta 1.8 diesel (non turbo). Engine equipped with a cav rotodiesel injection pump AND power steering. The engine is in terminal decline, and I have bought a second hand unit which is equipped with a bosch pump and WITHOUT power steering. The original cav unit has the extra pully for the power steering mounted on the front of the injection pump drive belt pulley using 3 pre-drilled and tapped holes. The pulley on the bosch pump does not have these holes. Can I just change the injection pump pulleys? (i.e. are the shaft sizes on the two pumps identical?). Could I have the pulley from the Bosch pump driiled and tapped to take the steering pump pulley? or am I better off changing the pumps over, presumably including the injectors and filter units? Is there anything else to consider if changing the complete fuel system from one engine to the other? All quite urgent now as I have a dismantled car and two engines blocking my drive! and my girlfriend needs her car back on the road!!
Any help gratefully recieved. Cheers Tim
Fiesta 1.8 diesel/injector pumps - jc2
You should be able to fit all the CAV bits straight on.That's probably the simplest and quickest.
Fiesta 1.8 diesel/injector pumps - autumnboy
You will have to change the complete pump assemby complete with bracket also the injectors and injector pipes, also any fuel pipes between the filter etc. As for the pump pulley shaft sizes or drilling I don't know.

One thing you will need if you remove the belt is a special bolt that screws into the block through the pump bracket to position the crankshaft in the correct place for engine timing, also you'll need two 8mm drills to position the pump and camshaft pulleys.
Fiesta 1.8 diesel/injector pumps - bell boy
Make sure stop valve works before fitting pump if its been stood a while as i had one that was seized a few weeks back and once fitted on engine the immobilisor shield works very well.....

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