New Model CRV - Deskpilot
For some excellent "Spy" shots go to:
New Model CRV - mike hannon
Good pix but have to repeat comment in previous thread.
Front looks like one car dumped on top of another and the back looks like one of those dreadful Megane so-called coupes.
What are these designers on?
What's the point of having the body one shape and the windows another with a great lump of blank metal?
...and I'm a Honda man!
New Model CRV - Dude - {P}
I agree entirely with MH, and I had this new model pencilled in for my next replacement vehicle, but if the final production version resembles those spy shots, there is no chance I will be buying a vehicle that ugly.!!!!!!
New Model CRV - NowWheels
there is no chance I will be buying a vehicle that ugly.!!!!!!

Ugly sems to be the new ice-cool :( I blame Bangle for starting this fad
New Model CRV - ukbeefy
Looking at that it seems to be following the almost universal trend of pointlessly rounding out the rear most side windows such that a large blindspot is created. The original CRV and subsequent ones always had to me a lovely "lightness" of their glasshouses...sort of made it look much less intimidating as a vehicle.

The front of the car really does look like an accident - as if it were a styling exercise done as a daft alternative that the powers that be were not meant to choose....There is a bit of resemblance to the Subaru SUV vehicle which also won't win any beauty parade....
New Model CRV - nortones2
I'm hoping the styling is just for the American market.
New Model CRV - type's'
Not sure it will be - they have the Acura RDX (as well as the CRV) and that looks loads better.

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