Volvo S80 air bag, and gearbox. - timjohn
Hi, I have a 1999 Volvo S80, which is usually a very nice car however at the moment a warning notice has come on the dash saying "Urgent Air bag Fault" it also wont go over 30mph. It has an auto box which will only go in 1st and 2nd gear. If you have it in drive then it pulles away ok, then goes into 2nd but then if goes into Neutral.
Does any one know if it is a likely fault with the gear box or is it somekind of "limp home" mode, and sorting the airbag fault will fix it?
Help! as I dont want to take it to a main dealer as I am only a meer postman and it would cost a weeks wages.
All help would be gratefully recieved.

Volvo S80 air bag, and gearbox. - SjB {P}
You may be lucky to get help here, but with two (to my personal Volvo knowledge) uncommon faults (not to say other BRers can't help from personal experience of course) you may be wise to search - and then register and post if no joy - at one of the following sites: (Predominantly American and - not necessarily a connection! - can get lost in bigoted opinions expressed by egotists but has twice been of help to me) (As the address implies, UK based. Has also been known for the odd spat but has a friendly and helpful forum plus the advantage of being able to recommend UK independent Volvo specialists relevant to where you live) (Somewhere between the two previous sites in terms of usefulness as as it is very international in nature - can some times be an advantage - but relatively few posters are British.

Finally, if you are anywhere reasonably close to Slough, I can recommend Volvo specialist Phil Whitaker Cars Ltd, Beaconsfield Road, Farnham Common, Bucks SL2 3NE Tel: 01753 647777. I used to travel for about an hour (I have since moved house) to use their services and am a happy customer.
Volvo S80 air bag, and gearbox. - BB
Not sure about the airbag fault, or if it is related to limp home mode, but petrol volvos prior to 2003 had a proble with the electronic throttle module which can sometimes put the car into limp home mode.

Advise to get to Volvo to plug in diagnostics.

Have you tried disconnecting / reconnecting the battery?


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