UMM - what are they like? - stunorthants
I was wondering what these vehicles are like as somone has offered me one and i dont know much about them? Any alternatives other than the usual LR etc? I remeber the Mahindra and Asia models from years back but they werent all that good were they.
UMM - what are they like? - SjB {P}
UMM - what are they like? - local yokel
Like scrap, only with a numberplate attached
UMM - what are they like? - mss1tw
"I have rewired part of the wiring loom behind the dashboard. This was neccessary after driving along a very bumpy farm track. A good distance along the track my dashbord lights started flashing on and off, followed by smoke belching from behind the dashboard... found that the wiring loom sits on folded metal panels in the centre of the vehicle. As the edges of the panels were fairly sharp the cables had been cut through and burnt out back to the ignition. "

What a POS.
UMM - what are they like? - SjB {P}
That's being polite!
UMM - what are they like? - local yokel
How muchdid the owner offer you to take it away?
UMM - what are they like? - Roly93
I just had a look at a web site ( detailing the Portuguese UMM.
I must say it looks a bit hideous.
A mate of mine had a Mahindra Jeep a few years ago, this was rather agricultural, but basically okay as a utility or even fun vehicle.

I'd say though reading between the lines the UMM is not good news...

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