Toyota Yaris rear brakes locked - StephenH
My daughter has a "W" reg Yaris automatic. I washed it a couple of days ago and left it on the drive. Now this morning the rear wheels are locked solid. I've driving it gently to and fro, and tried forward and reverse. Any ideas? StephenH
Toyota Yaris rear brakes locked - Altea Ego
When you say locked solid, do you mean the wheels skidded when you tried driving it?

I assume the handbrake was on since the car washing?
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Toyota Yaris rear brakes locked - StephenH
Yes, the rear wheels skidded when I tried to drive it. Yes, the handbrake has been on since the car was washed. Any thoughts on the cause, and the cure? StephenH
Toyota Yaris rear brakes locked - bell boy
the short term cure is to remove wheel trims from car let handbrake off but leave car in gear and smack the wheels near the drum to shock the shoes off................
long term cure get rear drum internals looked at by a competant person
Toyota Yaris rear brakes locked - StephenH
Thanks, I've tried this and this has cured the problem. Brilliant. Will get brakes checked over. StephenH
Toyota Yaris rear brakes locked - SjB {P}
>Will get brakes checked over

No need, I suspect; the cause is most likely simply corrosion of the brake disc or drum surface due to the washing.

For the same reason as your problem I never leave the handbrake on on any car if I'm not going to drive it within a few hours of washing it or driving in rain. I learned in a similar way to you but with the added complication my car was nose in to my garage with the front bumper about an inch from the wall; I thus couldn't rock the car to release it (for fear of hitting the wall) and couldn't jack the lefthand side and remove the roadwheel as it was against the wall. Solution was to sit some people in the boot and with handbrake lever released reverse against the stuck handbrake shoes. Eventually, with a huge BANG-BANG the brakes released. The brakes had a slightly uneven whoosh-whoosh for the first few revolutions of usage the next time I drove the car but this was simply the friction material cleaning up the surface until smooth again.
Toyota Yaris rear brakes locked - bell boy
sorry SjB {P bad advise, the drums want to come off for an inspection and clean at least ,a leaking wheel cylinder or a loose shoe could cause this locking as well as a sticking handbrake cable .The car is an automatic and as such the brakes will get more use than a manual so get them checked StephenH as you said you would........................................ please.
Toyota Yaris rear brakes locked - SjB {P}
From the post it seemed to be more than coincidence that it has happened once, after standing for an extended period post washing.
Toyota Yaris rear brakes locked - Civic8
I think oldman is on the right track here,get the rear brakes inspected
Toyota Yaris rear brakes locked - Glaikit Wee Scunner {P}
I agree. When I forced my rusted-on Golf MkIII shoes to release, the next service reported damaged linings plus a leaking slave cylinder.
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