Skoda Felicia....1995 - emmpee

when i press my brake pedal my side lights come on ,also on the instrument panel.....
but when i turn on my sidelights and press brake the brake lights dont seem to show up...
is this easy to fix? maybe a short or bad earth? pleaz pleaz help its driving me crazy...thanks
Skoda Felicia....1995 - elekie&a/c doctor
I would check your rear tail/brake light bulbs.Either a bulb has an internal short or incorrect bulbs have been fitted and are causing a short across the bulb contacts..
Skoda Felicia....1995 - Dynamic Dave
I would check your rear tail/brake light bulbs.

As he says. Also check that the 2 terminals that connect to the bulbs haven't got bent and are touching one another.
Skoda Felicia....1995 - Number_Cruncher
Indeed, a favourite is to find a 382 bulb in place of a 380 and vica versa.

Skoda Felicia....1995 - George Porge
Or the earths for the light clusters are dirty / broken
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