Have I been conned? - David Horn
My dad wanted to put his Alpine CD player into his new Rover 75. We pulled out the old radio and saw it would need a harness adaptor, so we ordered one off the internet that also promised to provide stalk control support if the radio was ready for it. Sure enough, we checked the back of the radio and it had a jack plug for the remote control.

Anyway, lead arrived today and we went to fit it, only to discover that the fly lead for the stalk controls didn't fit. Our radio has a mini-jack plug; this is a block connector. Ring them up: "Oh yes, Sir, you'll need the interface box which is 47 pounds extra". It doesn't say this anywhere on the product page for this item, and I reckon I've been ripped off.

Surely they're misrepresenting the product if they say it'll work with Alpine radios that are stalk control ready, but in fact need their special adaptor box fitted as well.
Have I been conned? - local yokel
Distance selling regs allow you to ask for a full refund within a specified period, certainly no less than 7 days.

Call, tell them the item is being returned, ask for a returns number, end of problem.
Have I been conned? - local yokel
The regs explained:

Have I been conned? - bell boy
this is exactly why i buy local .....from local shops....... for local people friendly face to face.......or a local phone call away,
you may now enter a long and painful battle to get your money back
kind regards and best of luck...........
Have I been conned? - Pete M
Added to that, the UKP47 interface box will probably have about 5 pounds worth of components inside. Is there a separate remote that fits the radio directly? My Sony has a remote that is like a mini joystick that I glued onto the steering column surround. I can control most of the radio, tape and CD functions from it.

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