Computer won't start up. - Altea Ego
It was behaving normally, and then suddenly went to a blue
screen saying an error had occurred,

This is called the windows" blue screen of death" indicates a terminal hardware failure or software failure.
Can happen only once, and never come back, or happen loads of times indicating a problem
I trid to restart with the reset button, but it didn't

Did it boot at all?

so I had to pull the power. Since then, the
computer has not worked at all. On turning it on you
can hear it power up,

fans or hard drives? or both?

but the monitor never recognises any
signal (and I've tried it with another monitor too.
Anyone got anything I can try?

If it under warranty, not really. I would leave alone and get if back to be fixed. It sounds fairly major

back-to-base. I've just saved a load of stuff to it that
I need, so the question is: if I unplug the SATA
cable from the motherboard and plug it into my other computer,

You need power and data connected to a hard drive. matters not where the power comes from as long as its the same style of 4 pin disk power plug. If you other pc is SATA then yes you could pop out your drive and plug it in the old one as an extra drive if you have a spare SATA port. If the old one is EIDE then your cream crackered as the new (SATA) drive wont be compatible with the old PC (EIDE)

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