vectra - stiff ignition switch - mick1999
Having slight problem with turning ignition switch, seems to require some lubrication, does anyone know what if anything is suitalbe to use, I have some very fine m/c oil, would this be ok ?
vectra - stiff ingnition switch - bell boy
be very careful that you dont use an excess amount that can get into the electrical connections,i use duck oil for this poiporse
vectra - stiff ingnition switch - Lud
Isn't graphite powder recommended for this?
vectra - stiff ingnition switch - wemyss
Don't spray WD40 in the lock whatever you do. I once did this a Nova and five minutes up the road smoke was coming out of the ignition. Recall there was a plastic piece inside which had burned away.
As Lud suggests graphite powder is the proper thing. As a matter of little or no interest this is the only lubricant allowed to be used on HMPs locks. (All made by Chubbs).
However if this is difficult to obtain I imagine Halfords sell something specifically for this job and doesnt a lead pencil contain some graphite?.
vectra - stiff ingnition switch - Victorbox
My experience with several Vauxhall lock barrels is when they get stiff they are warning you of impending failure. You can try lubricating it with graphite powder or graphited grease but probably best to change it while you can still turn the key to remove the lock assembly in the conventional manner .
vectra - stiff ingnition switch - Victorbox
Also you can try this stuff which appears to be the modern name for Yale Lock Lubricant which was the best thing I've ever used to lubricate door locks - on the house & the car. Seems to available mainly in the US but I did track down this UK site selling it for lubricating your archery bow.
vectra - stiff ingnition switch - Glaikit Wee Scunner {P}
Sounds like the stuff I use for lubricating bicycle chains and control cables.. From Halfords.

Graphite powder sounds just the stuff to short circuit switch gear!
I wasna fu but just had plenty.
vectra - stiff ingnition switch - Xileno {P}
I once had this problem on a Renault. I put a very small amount of WD40 on the ignition key and then inserted it into the lock. This solved the problem. I agree you don't want to squirt the stuff directly into the lock but a small amount on the key first should be ok.
vectra - stiff ingnition switch - Victorbox
"Graphite powder sounds just the stuff to short circuit switch gear!" .....The stub of the lock barrel goes into the switch to turn it but I don't think the two will interchange substances unless you go mad with the stuff.
vectra - stiff ingnition switch - MW
Had a sticky MB 1992 230E, and just sprayed WD 40 directly into the ignition lock. 5 years later its working very well.
vectra - stiff ingnition switch - Cymrogwyllt
wiping the ke with a cloth dampened with WD 40 has always wroked for me. The trick is not to use too much of it.
vectra - stiff ingnition switch - Pugugly {P}
Any chance ot may be a wonky key ?
vectra - stiff ingnition switch - Hamsafar
If its a late 1990's vauxhall, it's a known issue, they used to replace them for free, but I assume most are too old/high mileage etc... now for goodwill gestures.
vectra - stiff ingnition switch - Pugugly {P}
Wow Ashok just realised that I have a tin of Vauxhall branded lock lubruicant in the Garage, I've been dusting around it for years. We had it from a dealer when SWMBO had a mid-nineties Astra with a sticky lock, amaziing how little pointers make you rmember things.
vectra - stiff ingnition switch - johnny
Had this problem last year on my Zafira, also during a very hot spell. Hasn't bothered me since.

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