'New' Rover 75 - thewildrover
I was passed by a Rover 75 on an 06 plate yesterday. Any know who is still selling them or where?
'New' Rover 75 - Altea Ego
Holly smoke - dont tell the toad, I am arranging a time for him to buy me a bacon sarnie.
TourVanMan TM < Ex RF >
'New' Rover 75 - mike hannon
Good old-fashioned firm, Chalke's.
Don't worry TVM - I bet they aren't punting them out at 6k...
'New' Rover 75 - Xileno {P}
IIRC there was a dealer in last Saturday's DT Motoring section selling unregistered 06 Rovers.
FJ Chalke of Mere??
'New' Rover 75 - JohnM{P}
The Saturday DT ad. was from SMC, High Wycombe 0845 130 3513, www.smc-cars.com

new MGZTV8 from £16k, MGZT/ZTT 135 from £14k
new Rover 75 CDTi £13k, 'new 05' 75CDTi Tourer leather cruise smart nav £15k
'New' Rover 75 - rtj70
Last week's Autocar had some details of where there are V8 Rover 75's and MG ZT260's. A Rover 75 v8 Connoissuer SE can be had for £19,995 new!

Dealer is SMC in Slough 01753 574266
'New' Rover 75 - Chris S
If anyone wants to throw away £19,995 just give it to me.
'New' Rover 75 - mike hannon
Or they could spend 18,995 of it on the new 'old style' Mini Cooper S I saw advertised by a firm in the July Classic and Sportscar. Unbelievable.
'New' Rover 75 - Imagos
>>A Rover 75 v8 Connoissuer SE can be had for £19,995 new!

Hardly new is it? being built well over a year ago. Sat in a damp muddy field since then no doubt. Think of the rusty brake discs, mouldy upholstery etc..
'New' Rover 75 - bell boy
think of the poor ecu sat in a puddle with all its joints going dry inside.and thats the good bit............
'New' Rover 75 - Thommo
Not to worry. Thommo has already conceded defeat and returns to Blighty on 9th July to pay his dues.

Apparently its hotter there than it is here in Thailand...

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