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My step-sisters 98 R Pug 306's brake lights have stopped working. We have chacked all fuses, rear light clusters and wiring around the boot area. It is the rear brake lights and high vis that are not working. Rear head lights, reversing, indicators and foglights all work. Also the fuse that controls the brake lights also services the interior light, dash lights and cig lighter and they are all unaffected. Could it be the beake pedal switch? I ve had a feel round for a switch or wires but can feel anything. If it is, this is it a big job?

Any ideas will grately appricuated..
Pug 306 brake lights not working.. - gsb
If this is the same as on my 98 R 406 the switch is a pig. Haynes says you have to drop the steering column to change it.
Only last week I was trying to find / see it . Wife pushed clutch pedal down with pole, me upside down in footwell with torch and you can just about see switch at top of break pedal. (not sure of technical term) but when you push pedal down small plunger/pin should extend from switch and circuit should open and lights come on. If it's stuck in that might be problem, maybe carefully try and spray it with wd40.
My problem was lights not going off as pin not being pushed back in far enough to close circuit.
Hope this might help.
Pug 306 brake lights not working.. - LeePower
A new switch is cheap enough, Its just the fitting thats a headache.

If you can get the connector plug off & short it out with a paper clip & then see if the brake lights work, That will prove the switch is whats faulty.
Pug 306 brake lights not working.. - solara
The easiest way to do this, is to drop the steering column. Then you will have pretty good access to the brake pedal switch.
When you drop the steering column, the rubber boot will pop out. This can only be homed back into position from underneath the car by pulling the 2 rubber lugs. If you dont, you will get a lot of road noise.
Good Luck.
Pug 306 brake lights not working.. - bell boy
and then i wonder why i like fords

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