anyone know about this site? - Diamond
A friend of mine is having problems with this site It seems what they told her and what actually happened was two different things. She has paid £130 just to advertise her car on their site which seems a lot.

Has anyone had experience with these people and do you think it is a genuine business even?
anyone know about this site? - smokie
The web site exists and has cars advertised so it certainly looks like a genuine business.

There are many people queing up to take your money to advertise cars for sale. I remember some years back I placed an ad in Autotrader and I received multiple calls from companies offering to advertise my car for £80 upwards, claiming to have definite buyers. I didn't trust them so I didn't do it.

NB would other responders to the OP's question please bear in mind the Name and Shame policy.
anyone know about this site? - Sprice
Too late now I suppose, but she would have been better off advertising it on ebay. For about £6 you can add lots of decent photos, a long description, and a potentially huge viewing public!
anyone know about this site? - j99
Here is Autotrader's advice on this topic.

Please go to the URL above to see the whole article. The bit at the bottom, pasted below, about claiming a refund from the credit card company could be useful, if a credit card was used to pay for the ad.

"If you feel that you have been treated unfairly by one of these companies please get in touch with your local Trading Standards office and lodge a complaint. It may also be possible for your credit card company to help you if you complain that you haven?t received the service you were promised, so ensure that you ring them to lodge a complaint. "

anyone know about this site? - Dalglish
The web site exists and has cars advertised ...


oh yes, it certainly does that. i just tried for a bmw 5 series. it comes up with one for £ 8000 supposed to be a 1999 year model and is shown with pictures of a new 2003 onwards e60 series model. people can draw their own conclusions.

anyone know about this site? - Chas{P}
Just visited the site and searched for two popular cars.

Ford Mondeo - 4 listed nationwide; Peugeot 206 - 3 listed nationwide.

Please allow the OP to draw his own conclusions. Smokie, BR Moderator

Was Charles {P} but someone c o p i e d my name with spaces.
anyone know about this site? - Fullchat
The decision is quite simple, if you were looking to buy a car and were not going to forecourts where would YOU look? I would suggest: Auotrader, magazine or on line, your local papers and perhaps specialist magazines, of course ebay now has quite a following. If thats were you would look that is where the majority of buyers and sellers will operate.

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