Bull bars- fading away? - henry k
I saw an upmarket almost new 4X4 with a sort of bull bar fitted.
It was just like a big inverted U shaped tube that sort of covered the grill.
It made me realise than, certainly in urban S/W London / Surrey , they have almost disapperaed.

Have bull bars faded out in other parts of the country?
Bull bars- fading away? - type's'
They have thank goodness.
IMO they are a death trap to pedestrians and completely unnecessary - unless of course you live on a farm and use them for nudging cattle etc.
I think they should be outlawed.
Bull bars- fading away? - v0n
IIRC in 2002 Japanese, European and Korean car manufacturers signed some sort of voluntary agreement pledging not to install rigid nudge bars on new vehicles, effectively making all bullbars available only as aftermarket extras.

There are numerous patents for non rigid bullbars made of rubberized compounds etc that look just like a real thing but actually save pedestrian lives but those so far are of no interest to manufacturers...
[Nissan 2.2 dCi are NOT Renault engines. Grrr...]
Bull bars- fading away? - L'escargot
I think they should be outlawed.

I thought that from a certain date (now passed) they weren't allowed on new vehicles.

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