Mondeo CD will not eject - Vinnie
Silly little thing is this. I press all the right buttons on the standard 6000CD RDS E-O-N player and nothing happens. Sometimes you hear a few clicks. Is there anything inside the CD slot that can be 'poked' to manually eject it ?
Is it a common fault ? Can it be easily fixed ?
Any help please. Vinnie.
Mondeo CD will not eject - Red Baron
We have one of these units.

Can only be a unit-out job, I'm afraid. This really applied to all drawer/slot-type CD mechanisms. Clicking sounds like something mechanical has 'delinked' itself or has become broken.
Mondeo CD will not eject - John24
Happened recently with my CD unit. A slap with the palm of my hand on the side of the centre facia panel got it ejected. A lot easier than pulling out the unit - if it works.
Mondeo CD will not eject - Armitage Shanks {p}
Just a thought; is this a single slot machine and could someone (a child) have put a second disc in to the slot? I did it once on my daughter's Mondeo. I can't remember how we got got them out but I do know one of the discs was bacly scratched.
Mondeo CD will not eject - Tim Allcott
Hmmmm; my son did it in my brother-in-laws Vauxhall. Cost was new (refurbished) unit. Tread carefully...

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