Valeo XTRM (Flatblade) Wipers - Ben79
A long time ago I saw Valeo XTRM replacement wipers on the Valeo website, they are flatblade wipers that fit into standard wiper arms rather than into special arms as found on VW's, Mercs, new Pugs and Citroens etc.

I asked the local parts supplier and he had heard about them, but had a January date for launch, then April and now yesterday I visited to buy a replacement pair of blades and the manager refused to sell me a pair!

He refused because he remembered I wanted the flatblade wipers for my 2002 Citroen C5 as it eats wipers very quickly. (I think it is because the blades are tucked under the bonnet edge and in a warm draught which dries the rubber).

Anyway, XTRM blades are promised for this week! WIDA components in Bradford are promising to have them in! I will report back later.
Valeo XTRM (Flatblade) Wipers - Armitage Shanks {p}
Why would any dealer/supplier refuse to sell you an item?
Valeo XTRM (Flatblade) Wipers - Wales Forester
After reading the OP a couple of times I think that SeeFive went in to get new blades recently and the parts guy remembered SeeFive had been after the flat type a while back. So parts guy has told him to hang fire as the flat ones are due anytime?!

As it happens I've just found out that Ford parts can now supply these flat type blades for the current Mondeo (and other recent models)
Does anyone have any experience of this new type of blade on a car that wasn't originally supplied with them?

Valeo XTRM (Flatblade) Wipers - Armitage Shanks {p}
Yes I see that now! My excuse is that I has been at work for 15 hours without a break and most of my grey cells were dead!
Valeo XTRM (Flatblade) Wipers - Hamsafar
"arms rather than into special arms as found on VW's, Mercs, new Pugs and Citroens etc."

Bosch Aerotwin do that sort of fixing too which is useful for retrofits to conventional arms, (looks like the one on the Valeo page)

I have also found that when your expensive Aerotwin wipers need replacing you can refill them with ordinary wiper blade refils, even trippledge ones if you like them. You need to feel each end of the rubber and slide it back and forth, it will be crimped at one end which stops that end sliding. prise off the endcap at the crimped end, and use a flastbladed screwdriver to prise up the crimp and then slide out the wiper rubber, cut the new one to length and replace in reverse order! It would be interesting to know if the Valeos are like this as it saves ££££s.
Valeo XTRM (Flatblade) Wipers - Ben79
Sorry for the confusion. The Valeo XTRM are new style blades which fit to old style arms. (If that makes sense!)

I will report back regarding the construction in due course.

It is a bit dark now, but I will also look at the new style blades (on new arms) on dad's Picasso. I'm not sure who makes them, but they do look nice.
Valeo XTRM (Flatblade) Wipers - PhilW
I'd be interested to know how much you are charged - they were 37 euros a pair in Auchan supermarkets in France the other week.
Valeo XTRM (Flatblade) Wipers - autumnboy
These new flat type blades made by Valeo have been fitted to Fiat/Alfa's for some 12mths and have a built-in deflector to keep them on the screen..

They appear to work OK.
Valeo XTRM (Flatblade) Wipers - Ben79
The latest Picasso have flatblade wipers, they aren't labelled by a manufacturer, but say "Made in Belgium". Any ideas?
Valeo XTRM (Flatblade) Wipers - Ben79
I fitted them yesterday, too soon for a long term report, but they wipe well (as do all brand new blades!).

Price £24 for the pair at I don't know if they do mail order.

They look a lot better than the old frame type. The construction is slightly different to the OEM ones on the Picasso; the Pic ones are entirely cased in rubber, the Valeo XTRM blades have an exposed (painted) metal edge along the legnth of the blade. They are also a little narrower than the Picasso ones.

I won't report part numbers as they are in the catalogue and many different sizes and applications.

I'll report back in future.
Valeo XTRM (Flatblade) Wipers - bimmer-driver
I've just got some snazzy retrofit flat blades from this place . The service was excellent and would use them again and the wipers have gone straight onto a 2001 Vauxhall with no hassle.
Valeo XTRM (Flatblade) Wipers - Hamsafar
Are they the 'Classic Fusion' ones which are a cheap make of these XTRM/Aerotwin flat style?
I am expecting some delivered tomorrow, if so, do they seem good quality?
Valeo XTRM (Flatblade) Wipers - bimmer-driver
Yes they're the ones- seem well made and wipe smoothly with no judder.
Valeo XTRM (Flatblade) Wipers - Ben79
Aren't all new wipers clean wiping and judder free?
Valeo XTRM (Flatblade) Wipers - Hamsafar
Just got the Classic Fusions, and they really live up to the name...I prefer them to the Aerotwins, they seem even more minimalist.
Valeo XTRM (Flatblade) Wipers - Ben79
I've just got some snazzy retrofit flat blades from this place .

They don't sell a 26" flatblade for any car, C5's use 26" drivers side.
Valeo XTRM (Flatblade) Wipers - Ben79
Fitted for nearly a month now!

Best part of 2,000 miles driven now and they perform well.

No skipping or flicking water to the other side of the blade, excellent even in motorway headwinds.

Worth the few pounds more than "old style" wiper blades.

One day all wipers will be made like this!
Valeo XTRM (Flatblade) Wipers - Hamsafar
Me too! Very pleased, and you can replace just the rubbers if need be, by removing the end cap and bending the tab and sliding the old rubber out, so it's a one-off investment.
Valeo XTRM (Flatblade) Wipers - Ben79
Having had the blades fitted for two months now, they are still very good.

There are almost zero references to the blades if you google for UK results only. I'd have thought that websites and retailers would be shouting about them.


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