Audi A4 Front Pad Renewal - Bigtone
I am just about to change the front disks and pads on my 1997 Audi A4 with abs. Is it best to undo the bleed nipple when pushing the caliper piston in to avoid damage to the abs pump or if i take it slowley will i avoid damage to the pump. I am a bit confused as i have had contrasting advice on this matter. All help gratefully received
Audi A4 Front Pad Renewal - Hamsafar
I never used to, but do nowadays I combine pad change with fluid change after it was suggested on here.
I start by removing the fluid from the reservoir with a syringe.
I then carefully refill to the brim with new fluid being careful not to aeriate it as I pour.
I do the pads, and undo the nipples and 'milk' the fluid into a jar, it saves all that hard levering.
Then I always do a complete brake fluid change once the pads are done.
Audi A4 Front Pad Renewal - robcars
personaally i always clamp the brake hose, open the nipple and then push/wind pistons back into the calipers. Then fully bleed after. Change fluid too if required.

Saves any doubt, removes old fluid, and takes no longer.

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