1.6 ZM Engine (BJ) Mazda 323F - Raman
Hi,my car is pinking at around 50-60mph in third gear only during up hill accleration. Had dealer check car out. Said there were no error codes. Suggested changing coils packs. Which I did. Pinking went away for couple of months then came back.Car now pinks at around 30-40mph.
Cleaned MAF and thottle body. Changed spark plugs. Compression test reads 15.0 bar on all cylinders except one which reads 15.5bar.
Car does not suffer from MPG or performance problems. Anyone provide and help/advice
1.6 ZM Engine (BJ) Mazda 323F - Mazda Owner
I'm not at all technical as reagrds engines, but I thought that these Mazda 1.6 units were fitted with knock sensors that detected pinking and adjusted the timing accordingly.

Can anyone who is 'technical' confirm that statement perhaps?

1.6 ZM Engine (BJ) Mazda 323F - bell boy
i would try some non supermarket petrol first ,mazda"s were always well built engines that dont suffer "rons" full numbers
1.6 ZM Engine (BJ) Mazda 323F - Raman
Hi, Thanks for your reply. Knock sensor was replaced by Mazda dealer after CEL came on, 2 years ago. Don't use supermarket petrol only use SHELL unleaded.
1.6 ZM Engine (BJ) Mazda 323F - Aprilia
Try running it on Supermarket petrol....

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