Terrano/Maverick Wheel Wobble - Mike_T
Hi I've just found this site whilst looking for a solution to my wheel wobble on a 1996 2.7TD Ford Maverick (long wheel base) and wondered if anyone had encountered it before.

The car drives fine up to 50 MPH then develops a violent wobble through the steering wheel that seems to get worse when cornering.
I can drive through it and after 60 MPH it more or less goes away, passengers claim to be able to feel a "movement" coming through the foot well on that side when slow manovering. My first thought was wishbone bushes but all seem ok. I've had the wheels balanced and swapped around the car to eliminate them and it?s made no difference.

Any advice would be most welcome. :)
Terrano/Maverick Wheel Wobble - GregSwain
Have you had the wheels aligned (tracking)? Are your tyres wearing evenly?
Terrano/Maverick Wheel Wobble - Mike_T
Have you had the wheels aligned (tracking)? Are your tyres wearing

Thanks for the reply, yes I've had them tracked a few times now once by myself even, as for tyre wear they seem to be wearing even although there is pealing (for want of a better word) around the enire tread of the N/S front tyre which makes me think its the wish bone drifting somehow but I geuinely can't see how, why or where it is doing so.
Terrano/Maverick Wheel Wobble - GregSwain
There's a few other things - front shockers, ball joint..... I'm sure you would've noticed a knackered track-rod end whilst doing the tracking...if the vehicle seems to wander, it's probably a ball joint problem.
Terrano/Maverick Wheel Wobble - the original horse
sounds like the tyre is ready to fail , i would give it a very close inspection , jack it up , spin the wheel while having a pointer within half a inch of tread area, look out for high spots ,
Terrano/Maverick Wheel Wobble - Civic8
sounds similar to an old ford problem,Have the steering column checked out and all assoc parts,not unknown for steering rack to be faulty or steeering column fault?

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