Selling car to a dealer - OldHand
Following on from my thread about auction values and selling my BMW.

I've found a dealer who is prepared to pay me the sort of money I'm looking for but I've never sold to a dealer before and am somewhat nervous about just handing over the car.

So any tips would be useful, how should I get him to pay me for the car and keep myself safe?
Selling car to a dealer - local yokel
He could pay you in cash - troublesome, and not really very helpfull, as the bank will look at you sideways, and report the fact that you've paid in over £10k.

He could give you a draft - as good as cash. Assuming he has "premises" and not a guy operating from his driveway, then he'll have a business account. Still ring the drawing bank to make sure it's good, though.

He could make a CHAPs payment (telegraphic transfer). In your bank same day if actioned by about 14.00. Costs £25 normally (but so does a draft). Hard for him to prove he's done it until you see it in your account, and he won't do it until he has the keys and V5. His bank probably won't do it over the phone, though they might allow him to do it by fax.

On balance then draft is best, for both sides.

The chances are he's straight, of course. Can you verify he's been in business for while?

Selling car to a dealer - massey
If you are unsure of his reputation treat like any other buyer.

Make sure you have cash, bankers draft or cleared funds in your account before disposing of your car.

Obtain a purchase invoice with full particulars etc. (especially mileage).
Selling car to a dealer - bell boy
whatever you do make sure "YOU " fill in the top right hand part of your v5c and "you" send this to swansea otherwise you may be in for a nasty surprise when you return to blighty.
Give him the rest he will want it
Selling car to a dealer - OldHand
Thanks for the advice there- I'm getting the heebee geebies already though. He seems reasonably kosher ie premises etc but call me a cynic I've never found that many straight people in the car business! No offence to any traders reading this.
Selling car to a dealer - spikeyhead {p}
Either get cash and take it staight to the bank or else go with him to his bank and sit with him whilst he sorts out a chaps trnasfer.
I read often, only post occasionally
Selling car to a dealer - Martin Devon
Go to your bank with him and let him pay CASH into your account.
Selling car to a dealer - massey

"I've never found that many straight people in the car business"

I'm beginning to have a little sympathy for a car trader, mistrusted when he buys and mistrusted when he sells again.

The majority of dealers are quite decent. But they do have to put up with some dishonest customers, eg. misrepresent trade-ins and lying about warranty issues when they misuse the car.
Selling car to a dealer - bell boy
very true massey i find that i am dammed if i do and also dammed if i dont,i always tried to give my customers the benefit of my experiance but as i have got older i have realised you are talking to people that dont or wont listen so its rare i bother now ,i just take their money.
i dont mind helping on forums because people ask for help and its nice to share knowledge and occasionaly getting a thank you or feedback,im off back to my utopia now.
Selling car to a dealer - OldHand
The advice is much appreciated oldman but please note I did say 'most' not 'all'.
In all my dealings with car salesman I've met two who didn't try and rip me off and one of them did try to use 'the hard sell' on me- but failed.
Like any sales environment I think the motor industry has more than it's fair share of sharks.
Selling car to a dealer - bell boy
Sorry OldHand i didnt mean anything i was just making a general observation
Selling car to a dealer - massey
Do you ever here of the expression;

"don't give a sucker a even chance"

Because "the sucker will come and bite you!???
Selling car to a dealer - Cymrogwyllt
There are some decent dealers around.

Two weeks ago my car was towed to the main dealer after clutch failiure. On the Sat I called at the place where I'd bought the car two years earlier, not a franchised dealer, and asked if they hired cars out. They asked why and I told them. 'We don't hire cars out but take this one for as long as it takes to get yours fixed' was the reply. It even had half a tank of fuel.

When I found out on the Mon that it would take 'till Thu at least for a complete clutch replacement I offered the car back. Again I was told 'keep it 'till the job is done'.

I returned the car on the Fri with more fuel than it had at the start and offered to pay. 'No way'

Apart from the fact that this place is usually £1500 cheaper to replace a car than the main dealer the service alone is enough to retain custom.

p.s. all conversations were in Welsh of courst so I've translated.

p.p.s. I tend to buy six month old cars and keep them for three years or so on average so the clutch was fitted under warranty.

Selling car to a dealer - Pugugly {P}
SWMBO asks "Pa Garej ?" or something. I'm sure you understand.
Selling car to a dealer - Cymrogwyllt
close enough but I don't think I'm allowed to name the place. Suffice to say that it's within five miles of a town that has a rather large castle that has connections with 'carlo'
Selling car to a dealer - Hugo {P}
Actually you are allowed to name the place :). By all means recommend them on here if you wish, and others would no doubt be grateful.

It's just that we don't like naming and shaming. So saying "Dealer X gave great service, not the cheapest around but to be recommended" is fine, and so is "Dealer Y is pricy IMO compared to the local market." But we would not be happy with reading "Dealer Z is ripping me off" etc.

Hugo - BR Moderator
Selling car to a dealer - Cymrogwyllt
Thank you for the guidance.

Ceir Cymru

just google it


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