New Ford Range - Collos25
Auto Bild is featuring the complete new ford range from Mondeo to Transit ,some interesting
New Ford Range - Sofa Spud
Next Mondeo looks fine but the current one looks very nice in my opinion, one of Ford's better designs.
New Ford Range - y2k+4
I liked a similar impression of the new focus. In the metal it didn't come off. I've got a feeling this Mondeo will go the same.
New Ford Range - Adam {P}
I don't like how they're making all of their range look so alike. It's happening already - My Mum mistook the new Focus saloon for a Mondeo and as I've commented on before - the new Focus estate's rear lights look like a Fiesta's.

The new range seems worse but at least the Mondeo looks good. Hopefully it will look AS good in the flesh.

(But like y2k+4, I somehow doubt it).
New Ford Range - Collos25
Did you look properly its in the metal both estate and saloon
New Ford Range - Adam {P}
No it's in a picture.

I'm on about when I see one - right next to me.
New Ford Range - Altea Ego
New mondeo looks anything but fine. The last set of styling changes to freshen it up (stripey lights, bits of chrome a reflector or two here or there) make it look like a hooker who is loosing her looks and starts putting on extra slap and shorter skirts.

In short it looks like a tart, mutton dressed as lamb.
TourVanMan TM < Ex RF >
New Ford Range - Altea Ego
Sorry that was meant to be *current* mondeo

oh for an edit button
TourVanMan TM < Ex RF >
New Ford Range - cheddar
Not too difficult to guess what the 2007 Mondeo will look like, it will be to the S-Max what the Focus is to the C-Max.
New Ford Range - mountainkat

Ford lost it's imagination a long time ago - sells very boring cars, no wonder it's struggling

New Ford Range - Adam {P}
I think I agree there.
New Ford Range - cheddar
Ford lost it's imagination a long time ago -
sells very boring cars, no wonder it's struggling

Not struggling in Europe, building very imaginative cars that are far from boring rather great to drive with a build quality that matches the best, HJ says (and I dont always agree with him) I think of the S-Max (though perhaps it was the new Galaxy) that it's build quality matches BMW and Audi and betters Mercedes Benz.
New Ford Range - Adam {P}
Not so much with the "stuggling" part but imagination is seriously lacking in some of these new cars and even the current ones.

As RF says - The "New 2005 Mondeo" - it's a Mondeo with two stripey things on the rear lights. Wow.

Fiesta/Fusion/New Focus/C-Max all look very similar as will the new Mondeo with the S Max.

Build quality (on mine at least) has been nothing short of excellent and I assume it's just as good on new ones. Handling is also superb but I the design of them now is sadly looking quite unimaginative.
New Ford Range - local yokel
And they are quite literally getting fatter - the new Mondeo will be 8 cm wider.

People with 50s/60s/70s single garages don't stand a chance of getting the car in, and then getting out of the car.
New Ford Range - Altea Ego
Mondea has *never* been imaginative, the orginal focus was very sharp looking, the new one a complete surrender.

Imaginative and daring cars? or even faintly good looking in the last 10 years?

Ka, Puma, Focus mk1, and... and ..... and ..... oo the cougar maybe, and and and well thats it really.

3 maybe 4

The new galaxy and s max do however give a new styling slant (literally) on the MPV concept.

The rest of the time, Ford designers run scared.

TourVanMan TM < Ex RF >
New Ford Range - 1066
im getting rid of my c-max becuase the interior sends me into a coma its so dull and dreary and the outside is no better. the build quality on mine has been appalling but it is one of the very early build runs.
New Ford Range - y2k+4
Great to drive: Yes.
Above average build Quality: Yes.
Imaginative: No.

How can any of Ford's latest designs be described as imaginative? The S-Max exists (in my mind) as a car to take on the Zafira and Grand Scenic, because the C-Max design can't take 7. This is not imagination, it's simply covering the bases. Their cars are beginning to look the same, and not in a good way to my mind. I only hope the new Ka which I believe will be designed with Fiat, will hail a new generation of truly imaginative Fords, just as the original did 10 years ago.

But beauty is of course, in the eye of the beholder.
New Ford Range - barchettaman
....a hooker who is loosing her looks and starts putting on extra slap and shorter skirts...

The voice of experience?
New Ford Range - Altea Ego
Meet me in St Pauli next month and I will show you.
TourVanMan TM < Ex RF >
New Ford Range - Mike H
Interesting concept, the airbags are on the outside on some of the pictures......

I'll get me coat.
New Ford Range - DP
New range looks good. Assuming my pigeon German hasn't let me down, I particularly like the sound of the turbocharged direct injection petrol 1.6 in the Mondeo with 170 bhp. Sounds like it could be something along the lines of VW's twincharger 1.4 in the Golf - diesel-like economy and bottom end grunt in the cruise with the free-revving quality and throttle response of a petrol engine.

I think modern European Fords are great cars. OK, the styling doesn't particularly appeal, but they drive brilliantly, are beautifully screwed together these days,good value for money, and cheap to service and maintain. I can't think of another rival that can claim all of that.
New Ford Range - Adam {P}
Never thought I'd hear myself say this but, Vauxhall?
New Ford Range - Adam {P}
Apart from the "drive brilliantly bit"!
New Ford Range - googolplex
Ah, the Ford bashers are out.

I'm looking forward to the new Mondeo. The current one is fabulous value for money. Just look at those prices at Trade Sales for example. I love driving my TDCi estate. Anyone who knocks it must be jealous!!!!
I think their image of the new one looks marvellous. I just fear, like some others, that Ford might go all conservative in the final details and thrash out a bigger new focus which, looks-wise, WAS a disappointment.

Go for it bold.

New Ford Range - googolplex
>> Anyone who knocks it must be jealous!!!!

I mean, verbally............
New Ford Range - Adam {P}
You could hardly call me a Ford basher by any means - I'll support pretty much any Ford until the recent samey boring designs that all look the same.

>>Go for it bold.<<

That's the problem - they're not.
New Ford Range - Xileno {P}
I have in the past been a Ford basher, anyone who has had to suffer the dreadful 1.8TD engine in the Escort may understand why. However, time moves on and the latest cars from Ford have a certain appeal.
New Ford Range - Round The Bend
Can't see any radical changes for the Mundeo in the pictures, but would like to see it in the flesh before passing judgement.

What happened to the great looking coupe version? I'm sure I saw pictures a year or so back. Don't say that was only a concept?

Stuff above about the 2005 Mondeo is a little unfair. It was a typical facelift no more.
New Ford Range - y2k+4
I think part of the reason Ford is afraid to be bold is that it's on the ropes financially. It's understandable, when your investors see a risk they inevitably begin to sell up. It's a real shame, because you only need look at how well totally outclassed, but essentially good-looking cars sell in Europe - i.e. Megane II and Pug 206.

And I'm no Ford basher, I prefer the down-to-earth honesty of a Ford to the snobbish value of a VW, but they've just lost their bottle.
New Ford Range - Marc
That Mondeo looks like a cross between a facelift Vectra and a new Passat - I like it!

The estate version is very similar to the rear of the Vectra and SAAB 9-3 estates (or should that be sport wagon or whatever) I think it's the lights and that chrome strip that do it
New Ford Range - Honestjohn
Speculation that Ford is playing clever by building the Mondeo, S-Max and Galaxy on the same line so that if demand for the S-Max and Galaxy exceed demand for the Mondeo they can easily switch production to the vehicles they can sell. Expect the days of large numbers of surplus Fords to be over. The S-Max tells us how the new Mondeo is likely to feel, and it really is an excellent car, in a niche that Audi, BMW and Mercedes do not fill and very close on quality too.

New Ford Range - Chris M
The estate in picture 5 shows Ford have finally provided protection from shopping trolley damage.

Chrs M
New Ford Range - machika
I think the interiors of current Fords are generally as dull as ditchwater. If you like grey and black they are OK, I suppose. Definitely don't stir my soul.

Most manufacturers seem unable to see beyond grey and black.
New Ford Range - barchettaman
I really, really liked the design of the Cougar.
Should I get my eyes tested?
New Ford Range - adverse camber
"I really, really liked the design of the Cougar.
Should I get my eyes tested?"

No need. Its cheaper just to get a white stick.

New Ford Range - mountainkat
I'm certainly not a "Ford basher". My previous car was a Puma which was excellent, unfortunately the complete lack of a replacement by Ford or the production of anything that doesn't look like a box on wheels has led me elsewhere - probably never to return considering their latest offerings.

-- Just for the record I went to Hyundai & their latest coupe great car, proving to be a very enjoyable owning experience. If the so-called "budget" manufacturers like Hyundai can produce such an excellent car then why can't a long-established manufacturer like ford ??

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