2002 zafira starter motor - marty99
How long should it take a Vauxhall engineer to fit a new starter motor in a 2002 Zafira? Answers gratefully received.
2002 zafira starter motor - Number_Cruncher

I'd be greatly surprised if the work is really going to be done by an engineer!

The time it will take a **mechanic** to do the work will be influenced by which engine is fitted to your Zafira.

If you ask the garage, they will know the standard Vauxhall labour time allowance for the job - it's very easy to then cross check it with another garage to make sure they aren't pulling your leg.

2002 zafira starter motor - Screwloose

Book time is: 1.8 petrol - 54 minutes; 2.0 diesel - 66 minutes.
2002 zafira starter motor - marty99
Thanks for your answer. Could you tell me what the book time is for a 2.2 petrol please? My vauxhall garage charged me 1 1/2 hours which I feel is too long.
2002 zafira starter motor - jc2
I doubt it will even be a "mechanic"; a job like that will be given to the most junior apprentice.
2002 zafira starter motor - Carrow
According to Autodata the job time is .70.
2002 zafira starter motor - Hamsafar
They do charge for other related jobs too, such as 'setup time', 'removing undertray', 'roadtest' etc....
These are usually added by the dealers Vauxhall software and are approved by Vauxhall.
2002 zafira starter motor - Dynamic Dave
Not to mention sundries, which include things like degreaser, barrier cream, etc.

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