A question about price - MoodyGit
We went to a local franchised dealer and saw a car we liked.
It had a price of 10999 on the screen.
We finally argreed to buy it for 10150 and paid a deposit of £250

I have just looked ath the company's website and the car is advertised there for £9999!!

How do I go about asking them to charge me that price instead?

A question about price - Armitage Shanks {p}
The legal eagles will be along to explain, better than I can, and probably correctly too. SFAIK the price on the screen is not the price they have to sell it at - the displayed price is known as an "Invitation to treat" or something like that, and is the basis for negotation. If the car is £9999 on the screen and last '9' falls off making it read £999 you can't go in and buy it at that price. If you have paid a deposit you have presumably got paperwork showing that you have paid £250 for such and such a car and the deposit is against a purchase price of £????. On that basis I would say you are stuck with the deal you have signed up to. Let us hope not!
A question about price - Nsar
Print off the page, ask to see the sales manager and politely but firmly ask them to sell you the car at that price.

If he mumbles some tripe about can't be done/rules etc then suggest that the first service is free.

A question about price - Robin Reliant
It's annoying, but a sweet approach is likely to get results, marching in and banging the table won't.

I paid £2195 for mine a couple of years ago and saw it on the dealers advert in the paper for £1995 later that week. He wouldn't budge on price claiming a misprint, but he did the cambelt on SWMBO's Saxo free as a goodwill gesture.

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