Amusing Road Signs - Nsar
The puerile and extremely rude website B3TA has a weekly challenge to its users - this week it's to come up with fictitious surreal roadsigns.
Click on the link if you understand that when I say puerile and extremely rude I mean it, otherwise you'll probably be offended. Some very funny ones though...

{Link made non clickable because of some of the content. If you wish to view, then copy/paste the url into your usual web browser - DD}
Amusing Road Signs - mss1tw
Amusing Road Signs - patently
Superb :-D
Amusing Road Signs - SjB {P}
Love it!
Amusing Road Signs - scott1s
My favourite is at glasgow Airport. "Humped Pedestrian Crossing" it proudly proclaims. Lucky old pedestrian I say . . . . . . .

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