Audi Q7 - romeo156
Saw one of these in Paris yesterday, it looked huge, much bigger than I was expecting.

Another Chelsea Tractor which will be appearing in London soon then.

Audi Q7 - Chad.R
There already here .... I actually quite like them.
Audi Q7 - s61sw

Saw one in Prague (as well as a Bentley Flying Spur...) and thought it was monstrous - way too heavy looking, and the model that I saw seemed to be lacking in the wheel department, or the wheelarches are too large. I've been a fan of the Audi 'look' for years, but this one is a turn off.

S6 1SW
Audi Q7 - Vincent de Marco
Yeah, another Yank-tank.
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Audi Q7 - local yokel
At least it's better looking than the "I've got more money than sense and taste" Porsche Cayenne - is there a more stupid way to spend £70,000 than on a Cayenne Turbo?
Audi Q7 - Lud
I saw one of those German uberwagens from M-B I think, Horch is it? up the road today. Anyway enormous and sleek, quite ugly. Goodness there's some bread around here. It didn't stand out much but then it wasn't a ghastly white stretch deleted on wheels.
Audi Q7 - Union Jack
There's a Netherlands registered Q7 going the rounds of UK Audi dealers at present, pending the arrival of right hand driver models. If you happen to see it, as I did recently at an Audi day at my golf club, spot the right front wheel, which had at that time quite the worst "kerbing" damage I have ever seen, and tyre damage too I suspect. Heartbreaking just to look at the damage to the rather stunning/OTT wheel, and not too many spares around obviously since a friend has also seen the same car in the south-east.

Audi Q7 - Lud
A Maybach, sorry.

Audi Q7 - Buster Cambelt
Yes, saw one in Madrid, unbelievably huge and unbelievably ugly. Pointless in my opinion.
Audi Q7 - Phil Garner
At least they have 7 seats, so if a big family buys one its not quite as environmentally reprehensible.

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