Polo TDI - smoking - injectors? - gramar
My 1999 TDI90 Polo estate has smoked a little on start up for sometime. Always happens when left overnight. Smells of diesel. Car has covered 70k & uses no oil. Runs well. Gives average year on year of 60mpg. Could my injectors be a little worn or clogged? I'm thinking of trying something like STP diesel injector cleaner. Anyone have any other ideas?
Polo TDI - smoking - injectors? - Peter D
No harm is using a cleaner but the smoke may be a number of things including a glow plug that is tired thus it doed not vapoutise the deilel properly and one or more cylinders runs a ltille lame for the first 30 seconds or so. Have the glowplugs checked. Regards Peter
Polo TDI - smoking - injectors? - Falkirk Bairn
My Diesel a few years back had similar smoking issues on a cold start - tried Redex(about £5) Diesel Injector Cleaner.
Within 3 or 4 tank fulls the initial smoke on start-up from cold disappeared and the car seemd to run better/more smoothly thereafter.

For £5.00 or thereabouts it is worth a try before having to get the spanners out.
Polo TDI - smoking - injectors? - Armitage Shanks {p}
Miller's Diesel plus is good too. Hard to find but an £8 bottle treats 500 litres of fuel and HJ recommends it. Millers have a website which will identify your nearest stockist. One can also put in 2 or 3 times the measured dose, for quick results!
Polo TDI - smoking - injectors? - David Horn
Redex do a gold diesel treatment, made a world of difference to my car. Expect some clouds of carp out the back under heavy acceleration for the first few thrashings after putting it in.
Polo TDI - smoking - injectors? - DP
Just put a shot of Redex diesel injector cleaner through the Mondeo a couple of tankfuls ago. I thought the car felt perkier on part throttle as a result, but wasn't sure if I was imagining it.

Brother-in-law has just driven the car tonight and reckons it feels livelier than it did when he drove it two weeks ago, and I hadn't told him I'd done anything to it.

Also got 46 mpg on my last refill against my usual "religious" 43. Car driven the same routes / same speeds.

Will be using it regularly from now on. A fiver well spent.


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