Nissan Figaro - bobda

A colleague is considering one as her first car. Her husband (also a colleague) aint keen, but she's putting the pressure on...

What can go wrong?
Nissan Figaro - Altea Ego
expensive to buy around 10k (for a good one) for a car probably about 15 years old?

Bit silly

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Nissan Figaro - bobda
They don't seem to be that expensive, looking on AutoTrader at ones which seem decent, they appear to be going for about £4 - £6k.

I've had a read of the car by car breakdown for them, but it's a touch vague.

They all seem to be automatic as well, which I'm not sure is the best thing for a first car.
Nissan Figaro - blue_haddock
it's a 1.0 turbo based on a micra i believe so mechanicals should be ok however i wouldn't fancy the price of panels when she has the oh so inevitable first (and quite possibly more) prang.
Nissan Figaro - Honestjohn
There's a reasonably comprehensive entry with useful links in car by breakdown on this site.

Nissan Figaro - stunorthants
From all the ones ive seen, they appear to be coveted cars hence the fairly good prices and they shouldnt depreciate much as with many cult cars.
There are also a growing number of specialists for the jap imports. I shouldnt think servicing wouldnt serve up any issues although as they say, body panels might be pricey so check the insurance as that would be reflected.

Still, ive seen four different ones around northampton and they are all seriously immaculate - they seem to attract that kind of person.

I wouldnt worry about it being an auto - my wife had an auto for a first car and it didnt present any problems, plus small autos dont tend to get driven too hard at all.

Id just buy the best you can with as much paperwork as possible and try and make sure its not one of those stolen jap imports.
Nissan Figaro - Aprilia
I think they would make a nice weekend car, but not the best day to day car. Those body panels are a but flimsy and safety standards are a bit marginal by modern standards.
IIRC the engines are turbo's Micra engines.
I reckon insurance would be very expesive for a new driver......
Nissan Figaro - bell boy
everthing is tight under the modified bonnet.
i agree with hj its a good rundown and also aprilia its a nice weekend car not an everyday user,get her? to have a normal k11 micra for a year and get some driving experiance first
remember these figaros are mk1 micras and boy did they rot in blighty
Nissan Figaro - Mutton Geoff
There's a dealer in Chertsey that used to have a forecourt full of 4X4's but now seems to favour the Figaro.

I lived in Japan when the car was launched with a lottery to get one. I had the original Nissan brochure in my loft and although it was a bit tatty, stuck it on Ebay. I thought I might get the price of a pint and one more notch in my feedback rating but was pleasantly surprised when it sold for over £70.

There were, I think, only 4 original colours, but some of the ones I've seen have been painted in all sorts, including Henry Ford's favourite.

Nissan Figaro - IanJohnson
Must be very expensive to repair.

A wheel fell off one of my employers (Ifor Williams) trailers near Yate last year (long story) and hit a Figaro dead centre last year and wrote it off. From the photos damage didn't seem that severe.
Nissan Figaro - Round The Bend
SUZUKI Cuppa ... Cappch ... latte ... CAPPUCINO would be a good alternative. If they could find one.
Nissan Figaro - SpamCan61 {P}
A few Figaros for sale here:-

I've actually seen 3 in the christchurch area in the last week, suprising for such a rare car: my 14 year old daughter has decided she wants one, although she hasn't quite worked out the finance angle yet ;-).

Apart from the already mentioned Capuccino how about the Daihatsu Copen?:-

Nissan Figaro - barchettaman
Run it for a couple of years, then sell it in Germany for ?15k+ - they go for funny money over here.
Nissan Figaro - doctorchris
Husband not keen cos these are very gay cars especially in pink.

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