citroen zx,'92 petrol'overheating' - craven
hi can anybody give some fustrated because i cant seem to detect whats going on.MY citroen zx'92' petrol.looses most of the water ,i refill in the radiator .HOt water comes out from under the dash onto the passenger floor.and floods up.

Can anyone out there tell me wheres it comin from and how difficult it is to get to to this burst pipe.DO i have to remove the dash.

citroen zx,'92 petrol'overheating' - Civic8
Sorry dont know the car,but sounds like the heater matrix is leaking-unless the feed or return pipes to and from engine have blown but usually they are underbonnet rather than inside car,I have heard they are dash out job.
but suspect an expert on these will be along soon
citroen zx,'92 petrol'overheating' - spikeyhead {p}
Its almost certainly the heater matrix, notorious on these cars for leaking.

This car is built by bolting everythign onto te hearter matrix, I think it books at about a 10 hour job for a skilled mechanic. On a car this age it usually writes the car off. It might be possible to bypass the heater if you can live without it.
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